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Saturday, February 27, 2016


The Sauti Program is a USAID-funded initiative to improve the health of all Tanzanians through a sustained reduction in new HIV infections in support of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.  Sauti uses vulnerability-tailored evidence-based interventions to bring high-quality HIV prevention, HIV adherence support, and family planning promotion and service delivery to key and vulnerable populations (KVPs) in selected regions of mainland Tanzania.

The Sauti program has a Research Portofolio with the following vacant positions for immediate
hiring [successful candidates must be able to start working on 14th  March 2016]

Position: Regional Coordinator – 5 positions – [1 position in each of the following regions: Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe, Shinyanga regions]

Contractual duration: Six Months [From March 14, 2016]

Required Qualifications:
At least an undergraduate  degree
At least two years of research experience.
Experience of working with Key Population would be an added advantage
Have to be inhabitant of the region choosing to apply for. 

Roles and responsibilities:
Maintain liaison between the field teams and the Field Coordinator
Plan all field activities and ensure logistic and communication support within each region;
Assist the technical team in developing and training the field team;
Ensure that data collection proceeds according to given protocol and assure the quality of data;
Conduct regular meetings with the teams to highlight field problems and provide solutions;
Provide regular updates to the Field coordinator and technical team on weekly basis.

Position: Teams/Field Supervisors – 5 positions – [1 position in each of the following regions: Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe, Shinyanga regions]

Contractual duration: Six Months [From March 14, 2016]

Required Qualifications:
At least an undergraduate  degree
At least one years of research experience.
Experience of working with Key Population would be an added advantage
Have to be inhabitant of the region choosing to apply for. 

Roles and responsibilities:
The team supervisor is responsible for overview and managing field work for a specific key population groups. Separate team supervisors will be hired for different key population teams. The following are typical roles.
To conduct daily meetings and brief the team about the day’s work in the morning meeting;
Plan field activity along with the team leader in such a manner that it can be completed in the required time frame;
Debrief the team during evening meetings, discuss field issues and suggest appropriate solutions;
Arrange for social mobilizers, and introduce team members to the various social mobilizers in order to facilitate the field work/interviewing process;
Maintain close contact with team members in order to closely monitor and support data collection at each stage including sampling specifications (sampling points, selection of respondents), and interviewing specifications. This is necessary to ensure quality and consistency throughout the data collection process;
Supervision of interviews being conducted on regular basis ;
Review and edit a random number of completed questionnaires to ensure that all questionnaires filled by the team members are complete and according to guidelines;
Edit forms daily along with the data coder and apprise the team about mistakes;
Maintain records and dispatch of filled questionnaire to the Data Manager
Monitor the work-in-progress, prepare and submit weekly reports to the Field Coordinator.

Position: Virtual Mapper – 2 positions – [Based in Mwanza]

Contractual duration: Six Months [From March 14, 2016]

Required Qualifications:
Bachelor of Computer science
At least one year of research experience
Have to be inhabitant of the region choosing to apply for. 

Roles and responsibilities:
Administer a questionnaire/form to KIs to develop a list of websites and apps that particular key population group in the region use to meet sexual partners. If possible, specify where these sites and apps are used (e.g. specific cities or other geographic entities)
Visit the site or app to list the list the following
Name of the website/app
Type of site (geo-social site using GPS or not)
Expected days of the week and times of the day when the volume of men on the site is expected to be high. 
Subscription fee for an active profile
Description of search criteria to use on the site

Description of how to distinguish between people registered on the site and people online/active during the scheduled observation.

Position: Research Assistant/Interviewers – 20 positions – [4 position in each of the following regions: Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe, Shinyanga regions]

Contractual duration: Six Months [From March 14, 2016]

Required Qualifications:
Hi School or equivalent
At least one years of research experience.
Have to be inhabitant of the region choosing to apply for. 

Roles and responsibilities:
Conduct interviews according to the provided training and guidelines;
Be prepared, and have all the necessary supplies: e.g. questionnaires, guidelines, a pen or pencil, required administrative forms (such as log books which may vary from one setting to another);
Ensure confidentiality of information, and eliminate any apprehensions and fears from the minds of the study subjects;
Field edit and complete all questionnaires;
Hand over completed questionnaires to the team supervisors after field editing;
Develop a strong working relationship with the social mobilizers and provide them any field assistance if required.

Position: Social Mobilizers – 10 positions – [2 position in each of the following regions: Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe, Shinyanga regions]

Contractual duration: Six Months [From March 14, 2016]

Required Qualifications:
Should be active members of the key population group and should be willing to participate and facilitate field work.
Preferably graduates in social sciences
Have to be inhabitant of the region choosing to apply for. 

Roles and responsibilities:
To make key populations approachable for the field teams so that interviews can be conducted. .
Facilitates the field team in approaching the high risk groups.
To help the field team in recruiting genuine high risk groups from different spots in each region.

Position: Data Clerks – 10 positions – [2 position in each of the following regions: Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe, Shinyanga regions]

Required Qualifications:

Diploma/certificate in IT, EMR, Social Work or other relevant area.
At least 1 years of experience working with data management.
Proven analytical and numerical capabilities.
Must demonstrate self-management (i.e. motivation, dealing with pressure, adaptability)
Have to be inhabitant of the region choosing to apply for

Roles and responsibilities:

To enter data to the  Database provided for the Task
To ensure appropriate recording of qualitative Data
To be ethical and professional during data collection process
To organize and store all documents and tools for the survey program as directed by  their supervisor

Jhpiego offers a competitive package to the selected candidate in line with salary history, academic qualifications and relevant experience. If you feel you are the right candidate, apply in confidence, indicating the post you are applying for and the location you want to be based. Please include your up-to-date CV with three contactable professional references, covering letter and your salary history.

Send the Application to the office you saw this advertisement [NIMR or Jhpiego Office]: 

Should be addressed to:
The Director of Human Resource
Jhpiego, PO Box 9170, Plot 72, Block 45B, New Bagamoyo road, Victoria
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Or through email 

Please note that, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. These positions are for immediate hiring, the advert will close on 4th March 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Baba mmoja wilayani Mpanda amemchoma mtoto wake vidole vya mkono wa kushoto akimtuhumu kukomba mboga yote yenye thamani ya sh 500.

Mtuhumiwa amekamatwa kwa mahojiano na anatarajiwa kufikishwa mahakamani mara baada ya upelelezi wa awali wa shauri lake kukamilika.


Tunaposema Social work a professional with many faces tunamaanisha. pichani ni bi Manyama ambaye kitaaluma ni mtaalamu wa taaluma ya Ustawi wa jamaii akiwezesha mambo ya biashara.

msisahau kulipia Ada za kushiriki kongamano la ustawi wa jamii litakalo fanyika Arusha kuanzia tarehe 15 hadi 17 march 2016. Kongamano hili litajumuisha nchi za maziwa makuu.
kwa mawasiliano zaidi
Simu: +255713184646
Nbc Bank ACC no: 018103012046

Monday, February 22, 2016


Kongamano kubwa la USTAWI WA JAMII litakalo jumuisha nchi za maziwa makuu, sasa linafanyika Arusha Tanzania.
Tafadhari maafisa ustawi nchi nzima mnaombwa kuwasiliana na kaka masawe kwa namba hizo hapo chini kwa taarifa zaidi.
Ukipata taarifa mtaarifu na mwenzako
Malipo ya Conference ya Arusha vodacom 0752184646 au tiGO 0713184646 kiasi 150,000 tsh.

Friday, December 25, 2015



Ndugu zangu
Krismasi (pia Noeli ) ni sikukuu ambayo Wakristo wengi husheherekea kuzaliwa kwake Yesu Kristo zaidi ya miaka 2000

Kwa kawaida husheherekewa tarehe 25 Desemba katika Ukristo wa magharibi na tarehe 6 Januari katika ule wa mashariki.

Kuna majina mawili yaliyo kawaida kwa Kiswahili kwa ajili ya sikukuu

KRISMASI  inatokana na neno la Kiingereza lenye maana ya "Christ`s Mass" yaani misa au ibada ya Kristo.

NOEL inatokana na Kiingereza "Noel" (au "Nowell") ambako imepokewa kutoka lugha ya Kifaransa "noël". Hilo ni ufupisho wa
Kilatini "Natalis (dies)", "(siku ya) kuzaliwa". Sherehe ya Krismasi imekuwa sikukuu muhimu sana katika tamaduni za mataifa yaliyoathiriwa na Ukristo.
Kuna desturi nyingi zilizojitokeza katika karne zote za kusheherekea Krismasi. Sehemu ya desturi hizi zimeenea pia nje ya nchi za asili na hata kutumiwa na watu wasiofuata imani ya Kikristo.

Ni hasa nuru na taa za pekee. Alama za nyota kwa kukumbuka nyota
iliyopeleka mamajusi hadi Bethlehemu inawekwa ndani na nje ya
nyumba na maduka.

Ni ishara ya pekee ya Krismasi yenye asili katika Ujerumani kusini-magharibi ya karne ya 16 hivi. Asili yake iko katika maigizo yaliyosimulia hadithi za Biblia na mti wa Paradiso unaohusiana na
masimulizi ya dhambi la kwanza na ujumbe wa Kristo kamamwokozi anayekuja kuondoa dhambi hilo.
Kutoka maigizo ya kanisani ishara ya mti uliopambwa matunda uliingia katika nyumba za Wakristo ambako ulipambwa zaidi kwa matunda, keki tamu na pipi kwa watoto.

Umekuwa mapambo ya nyumbani kwa majira ya Krismasi. Tangu Krismasi kuwa nafasi muhimu kwa uchumi kuna pia maduka mengi
yanayoweka miti hii na katika mazingira ya kibiashara uhusiano wake na mti wa Paradiso umesahauliwa mara nyingi.

Katika nchi nyingi mwezi wa Desemba umekuwa mwezi wa mapato makubwa kushinda miezi mingine. Hata katika miji mikubwa ya nchi kama Dubai au Japani ambako Wakristo ni wachache desturi ya kupeana zawadi imeenea na mapambo ya Krismasi katika maduka
yanataka kuwahamasisha wateja kununua zawadi za majira.


Thursday, December 24, 2015


Ndugu zangu
utaratibu  wa kufungua mirathi  uko wa aina mbili  Moja ni Ikiwa marehemu  kaacha  wosia  na ya Pili  ni ikiwa marehemu ajaacha wosia.


1● Itokeapo kifo,
taarifa ya kifo itolewe na kusajiliwa kwenye ofisi ya mkuu wa Wilaya ndani ya siku (30) thelathini toka kifo kitokee. Kumbuka kupewe hati ya kifo.

2● Kikao cha wana ukoo kifanyike ili kumchagua au kumteua msimamizi wa mirathi na uamuzi huo uwekwe katika dondoo za maandishi.

3● Msimamizi aliyeteuliwa na wanaukoo apeleke maombi ya kupata barua/hati ya usimamizi wa mirathi mahakamani akiambatanisha na;
• Cheti cha kifo, na
• Dondoo za kikao cha wana ukoo kilichomteua muombaji kuwa msimamizi

4●Kiutaratibu Mahakama itatoa taarifa kwa kubandika katika ukuta wa mahakama au gazetini juu ya maombi ya usimamizi wa mirathi na kutoa muda wa siku tisini kuruhusu mtu yeyote kutoa pingamizi kama ana sababu za kufanya hivyo. Kama hakuna pingamizi basi mahakama itatoa barua ya usimamizi wa mirathi kwa mwombaji.

5●Msimamizi wa mirathi hugawa mali ndani ya miezi sita na hatimaye kurejesha mahakamani nakala ya fomu inayoonyesha jinsi mgawo ulivyofanyika na kutiwa sahihi na kila mrithi. Mahakama itafunga jalada.

Barua ya kuomba usimamizi wa mirathi lazima itaje;

a. Familia ya marehemu na anwani zao na ndugu waliokuwa

b. Idadi na aina ya mali iliyoachwa.

c. Juhudi zilizofanyika kuhakikisha kwamba ni kweli marehemu hakuacha wosia.

d. Maelezo kuhusu maskani yake.
Hata hivyo, endapo kunahitajika kufungua mirathi, ni vizuri kwenda mahakamani ili kupata fomu maalum ya kujaza.
Mtu anaweza kufungua mirathi katika mahakama ya mwanzo, Wilaya au hata ya Hakimu Mkazi.

Maombi ya usimamizi wa mirathi lazima yaeleze bayana juu ya yafuatayo;

a. Kiasi na aina ya mali iliyoachwa na marehemu.

b. Majina na anwani za warithi.

c. Sehemu atokayo marehemu na mahali mali zilipo (hii ni muhimu kwani husaidia kuamua ni mahakamani gani stahiki inaweza kupokea maombi ya ufunguzi wa mirathi).
Simu : 0686 484866
Email :

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Ndugu zangu

Vifo vingi vinatokea na kuwaacha Wajane na yatima kwenye matatizo makubwa na wasijue ni nini cha kufanya.
Mirathi Ni nini?

Mirathi ni mali aliyoacha marehemu kwa ajili ya kurithishwa warithi wake halali.

Sheria imeweka taratibu maalum zinazoongoza ukusanyaji, uangalizi, usimamizi, ugawaji na umiliki wa mali za marehemu pamoja, na kulipa madeni aliyoacha marehemu wakati wa uhai wake au gharama zitokanazo na mazishi yake.

Sheria zinazohusu urithi na wosia (mirathi) hapa Tanzania zimegawanyika katika sheria za aina tatu ambazo ni;
• Sheria ya Serikali
• Sheria ya Mila
• Sheria ya Dini ya Kiislam


Sheria hii inaongoza na kusimamia mgawanyo wa mali za marehemu pale ambapo itaonekana kwamba marehemu alikuwa hafuati Sheria za Kiislam wala Sheria za Kimila au kama ni waislamu hawataki sheria ya dini yao kutumika katika mirathi.

MGAWANYO WA MALI KWA KUTUMIA SHERIA HII HUWA HIVI: • Kama marehemu ameacha mjane na watoto, mjane atapata 1/3 na watoto 2/3 ya mali yote ya marehemu. • Lakini kama marehemu hakuacha watoto, basi mjane atapata ½ na ½ ya mali na nyingine inayobaki hugawanywa sawasawa kati ya wazazi, kaka, na dada za marehemu.

ANGALIZO: Mgawanyo wa mali kwa mujibu wa sheria hii hufanyika pale tu ambapo marehemu hakuacha wosia. Kama kuna wosia mali zitagawanywa kwa mujibu wa wosia.

Kwa mujibu wa sheria hii watoto wa nje ya ndoa hawana haki ya kurithi isipokuwa tu kama kuna wosia unaolekeza namna mali yake itakavyo gawanywa pindi atakapofariki.

Simu : 0686 484866
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Ndugu zangu

Mambo ya ndoa na talaka nayo yana changamoto zake.  Hapa tutaangalia japo kwa kifupi kuhusiana na Jinsi ya kudai talaka na jinsi ya kufunga ndoa.

AINA ZA NDOA ●Ndoa ya mke mmoja
●Ndoa ya wake wengi

Mamlaka ya kufungisha ndoa Tanzania Bara yako mikononi mwa:
●Ndoa za serikali,
Hufungishwa na
-Wakuu wa wilaya
-Makatibu tawalawa wilaya ●Ndoa za kidini,
hufungishwa na viongozi wa dini
(maaskofu, mapadri, wachungaji, masheikh)wenye
leseni hai za kufungisha ndoa. ●Ndoa za kimila
hufungishwa mbele ya afisa
mwandikishaji (afisa tarafa) husika wa sehemu ile ndoa inapofungia.

Ndoa YEYOTE iwe ya serikali,kidini,kimila kabla ya
kufungwa lazima itangazwe kwa siku 21.

Umuhimu wakuisajili ndoa kwa msajili mkuu wa ndoa na talaka ni kama ifuatavyo:
●Kutoa utambulisho kwa wanandoa kuwa ni mke na mume, ●Cheti cha ndoa kinampa mwanandoa haki ya urithi endapo mwenzi wake atafariki, ●Cheti cha ndoa ndio uthibitisho wa ndoa kisheria, ●Cheti cha ndoa kinamwezesha mwanandoa kupata nafuu ya kodi, ●Cheti cha ndoa kinampa mtoto aliyezaliwa ndani ya ndoa
haki ya kurithi pasipo wosia.


Talaka ni ruhusa au amri ya mahakama ya kisheria
ambayo mume au mke hupewa wakati anapomwacha
mwenzi wake.

Chombo chenye mamlaka ya kutoa talaka ni mahakama tu.

Kwa waumini wa dini za kiislamu.TALAKA zitolewazo
kwa msingi wa dini ya kiislamu huwa hazivunji ndoa iliyofungwa chini ya sheria ya ndoa.
Talaka za jinsi hii kisheria zinaangaliwa kama ni nia ya kutoa
talaka.Talaka itawasilishwa mahakamani ambayo itatamka kuvunjika kwa ndoa.
TARATIBU ZA KUOMBA TALAKA ●Mwenye nia ya kuomba talaka
atapeleka malalamiko ya matatizo yake kwenye baraza la usuluhishi wa ndoa kwenye ofisi ya kamishina wa ustawi wa jamii au baraza la kata, kanisani ama BAKWATA. ●Baraza la usuluhishi la ndoa litasikiliza malalamiko na kama likishindwa kusuluhisha,hati
maalum itaandikiwa kwenda mahakamani ikieleza mgogoro huo na kutoa maoni yake kuhusu suala
husika. ●Walalamikaji/mlalamikaji atapeleka hati hiyo mahakamani kufungua shauri la kuomba ndoa
ivunjwe kisheria na staili zake kutamkwa.

Simu : 0686 484866
Email :

Monday, December 21, 2015



Ndugu zangu

Watu wengi hasa wanaume wamekua wakiwakana mimba au watoto wao punde tu inapotokea migogoro kwenye mahusiano na wenzi wao.
Leo tupeane taarifa kidogo juu ya vipimo vya vinasaba.

Vipimo vya Nasaba ni nini?

Hivi ni vipimo ambavyo vinatoa ushahidi thabiti juu ya uzao wa mtoto. Baba anayedhaniwa kuwa baba mzazi anapimwa vipimo vya nasaba ili kuwa na uhakika kwamba yeye ndiye baba mzazi.

Nasaba hupatikana katika kiini cha seli hai na huwa na taarifa za urithi kutoka kwa mzazi kwenda kwa mtoto. Taarifa za nasaba ndizo pekee zenye kutoa ukweli usiopingika kuhusu uzao wa mtoto.


Kama baba wa mtoto hajulikani, nani anaweza kuomba uthibitisho wa uzao?

Wafuatao wanaweza kuomba amri ya kuthibitisha uzao wa mtoto: (a) Mtoto; (b) Mzazi wa mtoto; (c) Mlezi wa mtoto; (d) Ofisa wa Ustawi wa Jamii; au (e) Kwa ruhusa rasmi ya mahakama, mtu yeyote mwenye kuvutiwa na mtoto.

WAKATI GANI MAOMBI YANAWEZA KUFANYWA? (a) Kabla mtoto hajazaliwa; (b) Baada ya kifo cha baba au mama wa mtoto; (c) Kabla mtoto hajafikisha umri wa miaka kumi na nane. Inawezekana pia, kwa ruhusa rasmi ya mahakama, kuomba amri ya kuthibitisha uzao baada ya mtoto kufikisha umri wa miaka kumi na nane.

Simu: 0686 484866

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Ndugu zangu

Kuvunjika kwa ndoa au kutengana kwa wazazi umekua kama mtindo wa kileo bila kujali watoto wataishi maisha gani.
Leo nimeona tuangalie haki anzotakiwa kupata Mtoto anakuwa na wazazi wake wakitengana

Kwa kuzingatia Sheria ya Ndoa, wazazi wanapotengana au wanapotalikiana, mtoto atakuwa
Kupata matunzo na elimu yenye hadhi kama ilivyokuwa kabla wazazi hawajatengana au hawajatalikiana.

Kuishi na mzazi ambaye, kwa maoni ya mahakama, ana uwezo wa kumlea na kumpatia matunzo kwa kiwango kinachostahili kwa ustawi wa mtoto: na

Kumtembelea na kukaa na mzazi mwingine kila anapohitaji, isipokuwa kama mpango huo utaathiri ratiba ya shule au mafunzo kwa mtoto.

Kwa ajili ya kudumisha furaha na amani ya mtoto, mategemeo ni kwamba mtoto mwenye umri chini ya miaka saba ataishi na mama. Hata hivyo, jambo linaweza kupingwa.
Maamuzi yatakayofanywa kwa kuzingatia pingamizi kuwa mtoto asikae na mama, mahakama itaangalia uwezekano wa kumsumbua mtoto katika maisha yake kwa kubadili  makazi.

Kwa ushauri zaidi tunaweza kuwasiliana.
Simu: 0686 484866

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Ndugu zangu

Watoto huhitaji malezi ya pande zote mbili bila kujali wazazi wao wako pamoja au la.
Wanaume wengi wamekuwa wakisahau hili nakuhisi mama ndie mwenye jukumu pekee la kulea watoto. Mara kadhaa hurudi usiku na kukuta watoto wamelala na hutoka asubuhi sana kabla hawajaamka pengine bila hata kujua wameamka vipi.

Zifuatazo ni sababu kadhaa kwa nini wazazi wanahitaji malezi ya baba:

Utashangaa lakini sehemu ya kwanza ya mtoto kujua mwanaume ni mtu gani, anaonekana vipi na tabia zake ni kupitia baba. Unavyoishi na familia yako ndio hivyo mtoto atajua wanaume wote wako hivyo!

Akina baba hucheza kwa namna tofauti kidogo na watu wengine, mara kadhaa utasikia mama akigombana na baba pengine tu baba anatumia nguvu nyingi akiwa anacheza na mtoto akihisi atamuumiza! Akina baba hucheza kwa nguvu zaidi na hucheza na mtoto kwa muda mrefu zaidi hii humfanya mtoto ajihisi salama na mwenye furaha.

Utafiti unaonyesha kuwa watoto wanaolelewa na baba huwa na tabia bora zaidi kuliko watoto wanaolelewa na mama pekee.

Hakuna kitu mtoto huhitaji akiwa mdogo kama rafiki wa karibu. Watoto wadogo hasa wa kike hupenda sana kuwa karibu na baba yao, kwan huhisi salama zaidi akiwa na baba nan i mtu atakayemtetea kwa mama.

Uwepo wa baba katika maisha ya mtoto humfanya ajenge hali ya kujiamini kwani huhisi siku zote kuna mtu nyuma yake kwa ajili ya kumtetea.

Zile tabia njema anazoziona kwa baba na mama ndio hivyo hivyo atafanya kwa mpenzi wake. Wazazi husahau kuwa Watoto hujiskia vizuri sana wanapoona hali ya mawasiliano mazuri kati ya wazazi wao hata wanapokua wametengana.

Mtoto anaelelewa na mama tu huwa na njia moja tu! Nayo ni ya mama, ni vema mtoto kupata upendo wa wazazi wote wawili ili ajue ni njia ipi sahihi kwake.

SIMU: 0686 484866

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Migogoro ya kifamilia hasa ya wazazi ni sumu kubwa kwa mafaniko ya mtoto, mara nyingi watoto hujikuta wakishindwa kuendelea kimasomo kwa sababu ya wazazi kutengana na kujikuta wanayumbishwa kutoka kwa mzazi mmoja kwenda kwa mwingine au kulelewa na wazazi wa kambo ambako hupewa malezi yasiyostahili.

Ndugu zangu malezi ya wazazi wawili (baba na mama) ndiyo yanayomkuza mtoto na kumtambulisha katika jamii kwamba yeye ni nani?

Kama una mtoto na unadhani Migogoro au matatizo ya familia yako yanachangia kurudisha nyuma maendeleo ya mwanao tuwasiliane kwa namba : 0686 484866

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Ndugu zangu,
Kufiwa sio jambo dogo hasa linapowakuta watoto wadogo, kuna vitu vingi vinatokea katika ubongo wa mtoto kutokana na kuwa anakua anajiuliza maswali Mengi ambayo hana  majibu sahihi na huwa hawapendi kumshirikisha mtu yeyote.

Hii hupelekea mtoto kuanza kuwa na tabia zisizo pendeza kwa walezi wake kama dharau, kibri, kujitenga, kuhisi anaonewa, ukorofi, kufanya vibaya darasani na wakati mwingine kujiingiza kwenye makundi yasiyo mazuri, n.k

Kama una ishi na mtoto wa Ndugu yako ama mwanao na Umekua ukiziona tabia za namna hiyo na ujui ufanyenini tafafhari tuwasiliane tuweze kumsaidia huyo mtoto ili aweze kutimiza ndoto zake.

Simu: 0686 484866
Barua pepe:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Watoto Wameokotwa.

Watoto wameokotwa wako ofisi ya ustawi wa jamii ilala anaye wafahamu awasiliane na ogisi ya ustawi wa jamii ilala.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Mwili wa mtoto Joseph kama ulivyokutwa kisimani.

Mtoto Joseph mwenye umri wa miaka 7 alikutwa ametupwa katika kisima cha jirani yao usiku wa kuamkia Jumatatu tar.16/11/2015, hapa Yombo vituka maarufu kama kwa Chande.

Taarifa za wazazi zinasema mtoto wao walianza kumtafuta usiku saa 2 baada ya kutoonekana nyumbani. Walitembea na kuuliza kila mahali lakuni hakukuwa na taarifa za kuonekana kwake. Baadae walitoa taarifa za katika kituo kidogo cha police yombo vituka.

Usiku huo walijaribu kuangalia katika kisima (ambacho kesho yake alionekana humo) lakini pamoja na kuingiza mti mrefu na kukoroga kwenye maji hakukuwa na dalili za kuwemo kiumbe huyo.

Kesho yake Jumatatu tar.16/10/2015. Saa 12 alfajiri, mtu mmoja aitwae Kilongola ambae ni jirani alitoa taarifa za kuona kiumbe katika kisima kilekile ambacho walikiangalia usiku.

Ilikuwa ni simanzi kubwa! Baadae police Chang'ombe waliuchukua mwili wa marehemu kwa uchunguzi.

Taarifa zilizopatikana baada ya uchunguzi wa kitaalamu zilionyesha kabla ya kifo chake marehemu alilawitiwa kisha kunyongwa na kutupwa ktk kisima kile akiwa amekufa.

Mauaji hayo ya kikatili yanahusishwa na bw.Kilongola ambae ni jirani wa familia hiyo.

Kuna taarifa kwamba marehemu alikutwa akicheza mchezo usiofaa na binti wa Kilongola mwenye miaka 5. Tukio hilo lilishuhudiwa na mke wa Kilongola. Mke huyo hakufurahishwa na kitendo hicho cha Joseph (marehemu) kumfanyia binti yake. Alimchukua hadi kwa wazazi wake na kuwaeleza kitendo alichokuwa anafanya mtoto wao kwa bintiye.

Wazazi wa Joseph walimuadhibu mtoto wao na kumuonya asirudie tena. Waliyazungumza kama wazazi kisha wakayamaliza. Hiyo ilikuwa jumamosi tar.14/11/2015.

Bw.Kilongola aliporejea nyumbani na kuelezwa taarifa za kufanyiwa kitu kibaya mtoto wake, hazikumfurahisha na kueleza kutoridhishwa na maamuzi waliyofanya na kusema hayo ni yakwao yeye atajua cha kufanya.

Kwa sasa bwana Kilongola, mkewe na wazazi wao wanashikiliwa na jeshi la police kwa uchunguzi.

My take; Naomba jeshi la police litende haki kwa ukatili aliofanyiwa huyu mtoto. Huwezi kumuadhibu mtoto wa miaka 7 kwa kumkuta akicheza na binti wa miaka 5. Hawa wapo kwenye kipindi cha kujaribu kila kitu na hawana madhara hata wakijaribu.

Na hatuwezi kuwalaumu hawa watoto, chanzo cha haya yote ni sisi wazazi kulala chumba kimoja na kufanya mambo yetu mbele ya watoto kwa kuamini wamelala au hawajui chochote!

Bw.ametoa na Bw.ametwaa jina la Bwana lihimidiwe.

N:B Mwili wa marehemu unasafirishwa mchana huu kwenda kwao Moshi kwa mazishi.

Wataaluma wa fani ya Ustawi wa Jamii wamaliza uchaguzi wao Salama.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Matunzo ya mtoto kwa mtoto anaye nyimwa matunzo baba.

Ms. Zuhura Karya kutoka makao makuu ya ustawi wa jamii akielezea sheria ya mtoto inavyo sema juu ya mtoto aliyetelekezwa kwa kunyimwa matunzo na baba.

Amesma hili limeelezwa vizuri kwenye sheria ya mtoto kifungu cha 44.


Mkutano Mkuu wa Chama cha Maafisa Ustawi wa Jamii Tanzania, umeanza leo katika Ukumbi wa Oasisi Hotel Morogoro.

Mgombea Nafasi ya Uweka Hazina TASWO 2015.

Anaomba kura yako.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mgombea wa nafasi ya Mwenyekiti TASWO 2015.

Ili TASWO itambulike na Taaluma ya Ustawi wa Jamii Iheshimike na Kuthaminiwa  Mpigie kura Ngaiza.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


            DR. Zena M. Mabeyo 
 ￿       Mr. Diomedes M. Ngaiza 

            Awadh H. Mohamed 

                  Mr. Nicolaus A. Mshana 
 ￿              Mr. Paul N. Mwangosi 

                   Abuu S. Mohamed 

TREASURER Stella J. Mngodo 
 ￿ Dorice Ndibalema 

                Kingmoto Massa 
 ￿           Godfrey Kinogo 

                    Joseph V. Kayinga 
 ￿               Linus G. Kamafa 

      Enock Y. Mbise 
 ￿ Devotha S. Mkenda 
 ￿ Hosea E. Yusto 
 ￿ Francisca F Makoye 
 ￿ Zachayo S. Shigongo 
 ￿ Songoro J. Msongo 

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Maadhimisho ya siku ya watu wenye ulemavu wa macho (siku ya fimbo nyeupe) kitaifa yamefanyika leo huko mkoani tabora.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Muda wa kulipa ada ya ushiriki wa mkutano mkuu wa TASWO 2015, umeongezwa hadi tarehe 15/11/2015 toka ile ya awali ya 6/11/2015.

Ada ya ushiriki wa mkutano ni 50,000/ tu.

Kwa taarifa zaidi piga  0712235750

Monday, November 9, 2015

Tamko la Afisa utawi juu ya kesi iliyo kuwa ikimkabili Babu Seya na mwanawe.

Umefika wakati ambao Maafisa ustawi hatupaswi kufumbia macho vitendo vya kikatili wanavyo fanyiwa watoto wetu.

Niwakati wa kupaza sauti kupinga kwa nguvu zote kama alivyo fanya dada Bahati Kessy kupitia ukurasa wake wa facebook.

Mkutano wa Mwaka wa (TASWO) unafanyika mwezi huu.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Taswira ya mgomo wa daladala dsm.

Leo madereva wa magari wamegoma kufuatia utaratibu mpya liowekwa na serikali unao wataka kurudi darasani kila baada ya miaka 3.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Huu ndio ugumu na changamoto za kazi za ustawi wa jamii wakati wa mvua. hii imewakuta maafisa ustawi wakati wakienda field.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Mambo yamezidi kupendeza leo mambo yalikua kama unavyo yaona, kama ukufika leo maadhimisho bado yanaendelea mpaka siku ya ijumaa hivyo aujachelewa.
Mualike na Mwenzio.


Haya ni maandalizi ya maadhimisho ya miaka40 (40 anniverssary) ya chuo cha ustawi wa jamii ambapo kesho yanatarajiwa kufunguliwa rasmi ndani ya viwanja vya ustawi wa jamii na makamu wa raisi wa jamuhuri ya muungano wa Tanzania, na kilele cha maadhimisho tarehe 28/03/2014 ambapo mgeni anatarjiwa kuwa mh. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. Woote mnakalibishwa kesho.