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Monday, March 22, 2010


habari kwa hisani ya JIACHIE: "
Dear Colleagues and partners,
Greetings from North Mara in Tarime.

I wish to share with you some photos of the current situation in North Mara. Rev. Magafu and I have been assessing and identifying the victims of the last year’s and ongoing waste ponds spillage at North Mara gold mine.

New cases of the victims are coming up with symptoms that are vivid and the situation is alarming. Two cases, though, needs immediate medical attention and action. This involves Mama Otaigo from Weigita village and Paul (8 year old boy) from Nkerege village.

The situation we have found them in is far different from when we met them during the health screening done in January 7th 2010. Their health state is deteriorating from day to day. I am attaching their current photos for your review.

As the governments still remains silent on this matter attempts to get referral letters from government health facilities have proved abortive and therefore we need to act as soon as possible to save the lives of those who are critically ill.

An appeal is made to all of you to act in your different capacities.

Kind regards,

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